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Vinyl Gloves

  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use and wear
  • Great for everyday use in food prep and medical care.

Vinyl gloves offer a hypoallergenic and cost-effective alternative to latex gloves. They can perform many of the same duties as latex but with a reduced risk of allergic reaction. Use them for food prep, light housekeeping, and other instances where you need reliable protection. Shop Buy Gloves vinyl gloves for the best selection and quality at competitive prices.

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These disposable gloves have a looser fit and grip, less elasticity, and are manufactured using PVC. Vinyl gloves are not biodegradable and utmost care must be taken to dispose of them.


Vinyl Gloves Powder Free Non-medical

Our disposable vinyl gloves powder free for non-medical use provides light but reliable protection for a variety of tasks. Choose these for the handling of non-infectious and low-risk materials. A powder-free composition further reduces the risk of allergic reaction for wearers and for food prep purposes. Some studies show the risk of a vinyl allergy is less than 1% and less likely than latex.


Vinyl Gloves Powdered Non-medical

Powdered gloves provide superior ease in putting on and removing the gloves. They are also one of the most affordable disposable glove options. Choose these for places where there is a high volume of traffic and wearers need to change their gloves quickly and frequently.


Medical Vinyl Exam Gloves Powder Free

Medical grade vinyl exam gloves are powder-free and specially designed to fit more closely than non-medical vinyl gloves. This helps create superior touch sensitivity while maintaining the other benefits of vinyl gloves including their affordability and hypoallergenic composition.


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