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Latex Gloves

Disposable latex gloves are an important part of safety in medical settings, food prep, and when handling certain sensitive materials across a wide range of industries. Latex gloves provide a barrier against infectious diseases, medical waste, and cross-contamination between patients.

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We understand the importance of quality in the disposable latex gloves you choose and strive to provide only the best options. We stock high-quality powdered and powder-free latex gloves at affordable prices so you and your staff will have reliable protection always.

Latex gloves provide chemical resistance, puncture resistance and have a better fit and feel comfortable. However, prolonged use of disposable latex gloves can sometimes cause latex allergies because they are constructed using natural rubber sap.


Latex Gloves Powdered Non-medical

Powdered gloves are the best disposable latex glove for when wearers need to change gloves frequently. The powder helps this process by ensuring the latex does not stick together. It also helps to keep hands dry and comfortable.

When to Use Powdered Latex Gloves
Powdered gloves are the best choice for busy locations where speed is important. The ease of removal that the powder provides can save precious seconds when changing gloves. Powdered gloves are also typically more durable than powder-free and also have a cost advantage.


Latex Gloves Powder Free Non-medical

Why go powder-free? In many medical facilities and food prep areas, powder-free gloves are the preferred choice. Sometimes they are even mandatory. This is because the powder on powdered gloves is made of cornstarch and also residual latex proteins which can pose a health threat.

The cornstarch itself may be an allergen for some people, but the real issue is that it acts as a carrier for latex proteins. This increases the chance of an allergic reaction to the latex which includes hives and itching along with breathing problems.

When to Use Powder Free Latex Gloves:
Powder-free latex gloves are essential in any setting where users will wear a single pair of gloves for an extended period of time. This is to help avoid the allergic reaction that can increase in the presence of powder. Powder-free latex gloves may also be a requirement depending on the facility.


Medical Exam Latex Gloves

Buy Gloves medical exam latex gloves are produced in highly regulated facilities that can ensure their quality and durability. Each batch of gloves is rigorously tested to give you the confidence you need when dealing with sensitive medical needs and medical waste materials.

When to Use Medical Exam Latex Gloves
Medical-grade gloves are the gold standard for clinics and hospitals as they provide reliable protection for staff members and patients. They create a durable barrier against many medical waste materials and reduce the risk of infection. Medical exam gloves are not intended for use in surgery or with most chemicals.


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