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Our Mission

We strive to use our products and knowledge to help more people to stay safe in this changing world. We partner with and source the best in gloves and a growing list of items that are critical to the health and safety of our neighbors.

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Our Mission

weisenmedicals is a personal protective gear company working for the health and safety of our people as well as for our local and global communities. We provide quality products at affordable prices because we believe in doing our part to ensure more people have access to the safety products they need.

Our Value

weisenmedicals is a company built on a commitment to integrity in quality and fair practices. When you choose weisenmedicals, you choose a company committed to:

Supporting Workers: Our workers are part of our success and we work to ensure they have the resources and training they need to not only do their jobs well, but to live their lives well.

Valuing Customers: We are committed to providing an exceptional experience from your initial browsing of our site until we have delivered your products and beyond. When you order from weisenmedicals, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with friendly, knowledgeable customer support.

Providing Affordable Quality: Our products are chosen and produced for their superior quality and their value. weisenmedicalsensures each product we sell offers you more for your money along with peace of mind for your protection. 

Our Vision

We strive to be a positive force in our global community. By providing a growing selection of affordable, quality protective items we want to expand our abilities to reach more communities with the items they need to thrive.

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Contact Our Disposable Glove Experts

Unsure of what kind of gloves you need? While established medical facilities will often have a preferred type of glove, other applications are up for debate. Our experts at weisenmedicals are happy to answer your questions about gloves and which is best suited to your needs. Contact us today for expert help!